Project statement

Lausanne is at the heart of an urban agglomeration on the northern shore of Lake Léman, containing roughly 420000 inhabitants. Although small on a global scale, the city is surprisingly diverse. Around the historic centre and the various business and industrial districts there is a ring of residential areas ranging from the exclusive communes of St-Sulpice and Pully on the lake shore, to popular Renens, Ecublens, or Prilly neighbourhoods to the West and North-West, to more remote areas like Les Croisettes, Vennes, or La Blécherette. These areas can be very different to one another: in architectural style, in their urban plan, in services and amenities available, or in the demographics of their residents. Nonetheless, they represent an integral part of Lausanne’s urban landscape and contribute to its diversity.

This project aims to document these spaces, their residents, and provide a view into life at the edges of Lausanne.

Selected photos (ongoing)

Crissier, Bussigny

Place de jeux, Vieux Moulin

Prilly, Mont-Goulin






Fourmi, Croisettes, Montolieu