Welcome to Programming with Jetlag, where memory errors and circadian rhythms collide!

I am a computational scientist and a software engineer currently working at the CERN on the CernVM File System. Some years ago, I did a PhD in high performance computing, developing parallel numerical applications that ran on various supercomputers and clusters. I wrote a fair bit of MPI code during that time and I became drawn to distributed systems: how these systems are built, how they communicate, how they scale and, of course, how they fail. Other topics which interest me are functional programming, concurrency and strong statically typed programming languages.

Check the "Projects" page if you want to know more about what I am currently up to or what I've done in the past, or check the "Blog" section where I sometimes write, although not nearly as often as I'd like. Most of it is about programming, but you never know with these things; there are always strange connections to be made.


I'd love to hear your thoughts about the topics discussed on this site, or get feedback about the site in general. You can contact me directly through the links at the bottom of the page.

All views are my own.

About this site

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